Friday, February 29, 2008


The shoes we wore in 1981. I remember Cherokee were very popular, especially the ones with the rubber 3 inch heels. As you can see in the picture above, it was quite common to wear socks with your sandals.


Sub Nouveau said...

holy crap, talk about a niche blog!
I used to covet those shoes, I specifically recall admiring them in ads in Seventeen magazine. I was still a bit too small in the foot to wear them at the time, but those ugly ass Bass sandals in the picture, I had those.

Seamstress & Gardener said...

not as niche-y as you but also love cherokees and famolares. sentimental childhood shoes.

do you have any shopping leads for these? i'm a 10!

thanks for the photos!

Miss Fonebone said...

I'd love to have the shoes on your blog... the closest "new" version I've found is Sbicca sandals at Nordstrom. Cherokees were my first grown up shoes... love love love.